Five spiced pumpkin 

Old fashioned

All day Xmass feeling Mocktail



  • 5 spiced pumpkin Syrup      25ml

  • Lemon Juice                       15ml

  • Fresh Orange Juice.            20ml

  • Orange oils (or bitters)       2 dsh

  • (Extra) Mathieu Teisseire 

Materials & Ice


  • Whisky/Rock Glass

  • Ice Cubes



  • Mint & Rozemary

  • Cinnemon Stick

  • Orange Peels (Julian)

  • Bread crumbs/Coconutsnippers/
    5spices (All mix)

  • Powder sugar

How to create ...


  1. Rince the glass with lemon, and top off the glass with the all mix.

  2. Fill all products in the boston shaker, with the right amounts.

  3. Fill the boston shaker with 3/4 of cubed ice.

  4. Shake for 10/15 seconds

  5. Strain in into the Whisky/Water glass 

  6. Fill the glass full with cubed ice.

  7. Top of with the garnish (Cinnemon stick, Mintflower/Rozemary)

  8. Use the Suger powder to create snow on top of the garnish to finish it.

Perfect serve


Traditionally made with bourbon or rye whiskey,

Lightly sweetened with sugar and aromatized with bitters

This most classic of vintage cocktails is served over ice in a 

Heavy bottomed tumbler named after the drink and garnished 

With an orange zest twist.

Homemade pumpkin syrup



  • 1 fresh pumping                 500gr

  • 5 spices mix                       25 gr

  • White sugar                      250 gr

  • Water                               250ml

How to create ...


  1. Peel the pumpkin, and cut them in pieces.

  2. Put them in the oven for 45min, on 180*.

  3. Add the 5 spices and mix it with the pumpkin together.

  4. Now take a separate cooking pan and the water and sugar together.

  5. Slow cook the sugar and water, until dissolve.

  6. Add the water and sugar into the blender/mixer with the puree and mix.

  7. Now add the complete mix into a finestrainer and let it drup in to a bowl.

  8. You can stamp it with a spoon to squeeze more flavor out.

  9. Cool it off and put into a bottle, and its Ready for use..

Hibisxmass 75

Light refreshing aperitif Mocktail

   (to start with on xmass)


  • Hibiscus Pomegranate Syrup

  • Lemon Juice

  • Fresh Pomegranate Juice

  • Orange oils (or bitters)

  • LE Rhubarb & Cardemom Soda

Materials & Ice

  • Champagne Flute

  • No ice (only for shaking)



  • Rozemary

  • Pomegranate seeds

How to create ...

  1. Fill all products (NOT THE SODA) in the boston shaker, with the right amounts.

  2. Fill the boston shaker with 3/4 of cubed ice.

  3. Shake for 10/15 seconds

  4. Strain in into the Champagne Flute

  5. Add a small spoon of pomegranate seeds into the bottom of the glass

  6. Add the LE Rhubarb & Cardemom Soda in to the glass as a top layer.

Perfect serve


The French 75 cocktail celebrates the firepower of de WW1 French 75-millimetre field gun.


In recent Decades, this has become a potent gin-based

Champagne cocktail with lemon juice and sugar served

In a flute, but originally consisted of gin, Apple brandy, grenadine and lemon juice served in a Cocktail glass. It is one of the world’s best-known cocktails but has beenShrouded in misinformation.

Homemade Hibiscus Syrup 



  • Fresh Hibiscus Tea              20gr

  • Pomegranate Juice           350ml

  • White Sugar.                     250gr

  • Water.                             250ml                             

How to create ...


  1. Add water and sugar into a cooking pan and slow cook until dissolve.

  2. Add the Fresh Hibiscus cook for 3min on 90 degrees.

  3. Add the fresh pomegranate juice and let it cool off for 10min.

  4. Now fine strain the syrup into a bowl, and fill into a bottle.

  5. Now it's Ready for use...

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